This idea came naturally, like nothing. People asked me for works with messages and images that means something for them. While I was working in Galeria Maxó in Barcelona, in more than one opportunity I made special works for special people. And it was magic. 

i want my work

”Tiene un estilo muy directo, muy natural, muy vivaz, muy alegre”. “La verdad que es un regalo de los mejores que he hecho”.

Mónica • Barcelona

There I found a world. The bond I created with clients, the depth in the contact, the story behind the work of art make me see that this is exactly what I want to do with my art. 

Messages, audio, talks, texts, references, places, moments. Them and me creating a world full of colors and fantasy. 

It moves me to see people’s faces when they see their storys captured in a paint. 

i want my work